Best Educational Software Awards – 2008

Small Publisher wins Big Award

Learning Today, Inc., a Florida-based educational software publisher, announced today that its Smart TutorTM Reading program was awarded a Best Educational Software Award (BESSIE) from the ComputED Learning Center. The BESSIE Awards target innovative and content-rich programs and websites that provide teachers and parents with the technology to foster educational excellence. Winners are selected from titles submitted by software publishers around the world.

Best Educational Software Awards - 2008

“Smart Tutor – Reading’s website design and content are the best we’ve seen for delivering reading materials to children in the K-5 age group. The program offers an “Integrated Learning System” that is research-based and aligned to state and national educational standards,” say reviewers at ComputED.

Smart Tutor Reading provides students with individualized instruction based on their ability level. The program automatically pinpoints and resolves learning gaps ensuring that each student receives a program targeted to improve academic abilities and outcomes. It has been used by schools, school districts, and extended-day learning centers since 2002 and has demonstrated academic gains in some of the most academically-challenged students. It is the company’s mission to ensure that the program
works for all children including those with special needs and those that speak English as a second language.

“The reason this award is so significant is because it proves that a smaller educational software publisher can develop, deliver, and support a world-class product as well as, if not better than, some of the large publishing conglomerates that dominate the market,” states Dale Baker, Learning Today’s CEO/President. “Our team creates a product that makes a difference, and this award is a result of their dedication and commitment to excellence.”

“Smart Tutor – Reading, an interactive online academic tutoring system designed for K-5 students, won in two categories including “Early Elementary – Reading/Literacy Website” and “Upper Elementary – Language Arts Website,” stated the reviewers. “We can’t say enough about this superb, child-friendly program, whose effectiveness is propelled by interactive videos, cartoons and animations, with audio guidance throughout.” The BESSIE Awards, given annually by San Diego’s ComputED Learning Lab, seek to recognize innovative and content-rich programs.

Learning Today will be releasing a consumer product for home use,, this May.