Sample Algebra Lessons

Smart Tutor’s Algebra curriculum is designed to help students understand patterns, relations, functions, use of models and algebraic symbols to analyze mathematical situations. Students learn to:

  • Sort, classify, and order objects by size, number, and other properties
  • Recognize, describe, extend, and make generalizations about geometric and numeric patterns
  • Represent and analyze patterns and functions, using words, tables, and graphs
  • Identify such properties as commutativity, associativity, and distributivity and use them to compute with whole numbers
  • Represent the idea of a variable as an unknown quantity using a letter or a symbol
  • Express mathematical relationships using equations
  • Model problem situations with objects and use representations such as graphs, tables and equations to draw conclusions
  • Investigate how a change in one variable relates to a change in a second variable


Sample Algebra Lessons



Explore simple pictorial, rhythmic, and symbolic linear patterns at the Penguin Parade.

Tutorial   |  Practice  |  Assessment


First Grade


Complete the patterns and learn about pictorial symbols and patterns.



Second Grade


Play the In/Out Machine game and explore patterns, relationships and functions.

Tutorial   | Assessment


Third Grade


Play a pan balance game and explore equations and inequalities.

Tutorial  | Assessment


Fourth Grade


Find the rule and explore patterns, relationships and functions.

Tutorial  | Assessment


Fifth Grade


Help fill orders at the Power Pack Factory and explore mathematical relationships using equations.

Tutorial   | Assessment


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