Sample Measurement Lessons

Smart Tutor’s Measurement curriculum is designed to help students learn measurable attributes of objects and the units, systems, processes, techniques and tools of measurement. Richly animated, audio-supported lessons help all students including English Language Learners ( ESOL / ESL / ELL ), Struggling Students and Special Needs master key skills including the ability to:

  • Identify attributes such as length, area, weight, volume, and size of angle and select the appropriate type of unit and tools for measuring each attribute
  • Understand the need for measuring with standard units and become familiar with standard units and simple unit conversions in the customary and metric systems
  • Understand that measurements are approximations and how differences in units affect precision
  • Select and use benchmarks to estimate measurements and to make comparisons
  • Develop, understand, and use formulas to find the area of rectangles and related triangles and parallelograms

Measurement Sample Lessons




Spend a day with Jamar and learn about time.

Tutorial  |  Practice |  Assessment 1Assessment 2


First Grade


Learn about money with Natalia at the pet store.

Tutorial  |  Practice |  Assessment


Second Grade


Practice counting money with Carlos at the pet store.

Tutorial  |  Practice |  Assessment


Third Grade


Practice measuring weight at the county fair.

Tutorial  |  Practice |  Assessment


Fourth Grade


Practice measuring everyday object with the ruler tool.

Tutorial  |  Practice |  Assessment


Fifth Grade


Help Dudley Dog find his buried treasures and practice measuring angles.

Tutorial  |  Practice |  Assessment


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