Sample Phonics Lessons

Smart Tutor’s Phonics curriculum helps students learn systematic and predictable relationships between written letters and spoken sounds. Lessons include animated interactive activities that help students master consonant sounds, short & long vowels, consonant blends, consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs, diphthongs, r-controlled vowels, word families, syllabification, context clues and tricky word strategies. These visually rich, audio-supported lessons are especially appropriate for students with special needs ( ESE / Special Ed ), students learning English as a second language ( ELL / ESL / ESOL ), and struggling learners ( Title I / Transition students ).


Activities Include:

  • letter/sound identification
  • making and breaking words
  • identifying beginning, medial and ending sounds and their corresponding letter patterns
  • applying phonetic principles in the context of sentences, stories, and other forms of text
  • word-sorting activities
  • sound cueing
  • counting and identifying syllables
  • reading strategies using graphophonic (visual), semantic (meaning), and syntactic (structural) cues to identify unknown words
  • tricky-word strategy
  • self-correction and self-monitoring strategies

Phonics Sample Lessons



Practice reading words ending with the ‘x’ sound with Willie the Worm.

Tutorial  |  PracticePractice 2Practice 3  |  Assessment

First Grade


Play a word game with Maggie the Magician and discover Silent E.

Tutorial  |  PracticePractice 2  |  Assessment

Second Grade


Learn about consonant digraphs in outer space with Capt. Armstrong.

Tutorial  |  PracticePractice 2Practice 3  |  Assessment

Third Grade


Explore Triassic Park with Dr. Kumar and learn about syllables.

Tutorial  |  PracticePractice 2  |  Assessment

Fourth Grade


Play a prefix game with Skater at the skate park.

Tutorial  |  PracticePractice 2  |  Assessment


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