Sample Reading Comprehension Lessons

Smart Tutor’s Reading Comprehension lessons are designed so students learn to actively construct meaning when reading both fiction and non-fiction passages. Interactive high-interest lessons help students master key skills including identifying main idea , comparing & contrasting, identifying supporting facts and details, making inferences & drawing conclusions, predicting outcomes, recognizing fact & opinion, recognizing realism versus fantasy, identifying cause & effect, recognizing sequence of events and identifying story elements.

Activities Include:

  • matching pictures with story elements
  • answering questions on fiction and non-fiction passages
  • applying concept maps to identify main ideas and details
  • employing flow charts to identify cause and effect
  • hyperlinks to essential vocabulary words

Reading Comprehension Lessons



Read a story about Dan and Lee to see how they are alike and how they are different.

Tutorial   |  Assessment


First Grade


Learn about sequencing while making spoon puppets with Mr. Sanders.

Tutorial   |  Assessment


Second Grade


Read a story and decide whether the statements are facts or opinions.

Tutorial   |  Assessment


Third Grade


Explore rhyming and alliteration in Mr. Andre’s poetry class.

Tutorial  |  Assessment


Fourth Grade


Explore the elements of a story with Denzel at the Movie Club.

Tutorial  |  Tutorial 2Practice  |  Practice 2  | Assessment


Fifth Grade


Use context clues to help Jermaine solve the mystery of the missing hat.

Tutorial  |  Tutorial 2 |  Tutorial 3Assessment


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