Sample Sight Words Lessons

Smart Tutor’s interactive High Frequency / Sight Word lessons are designed to help students learn to recognize common sight words and to build reading fluency. Activities are ‘timed’ using fun visual animations encouraging students to recognize common sight words quickly. Lessons include essential words from the Dolch & Fry word lists as well as other grade appropriate academic vocabulary lists. These visually rich, audio-supported lessons are especially appropriate for students with special needs ( ESE / Special Ed ), students learning English as a second language ( ELL / ESL / ESOL ), and struggling learners ( Title I / Transition students ).

Activities Include:

  • cloze sentences
  • sound and word matching
  • puzzles
  • story-centered fill-in-the-blanks


Sight Words Sample Lessons



Practice reading sight words with Reba Rabbit.

Tutorial  |  Practice  |  Assessment

First Grade


Practice reading sight words and watch Pubbybot dance.

Tutorial  |  Tutorial 2Practice  |  Assessment

Second Grade


Play the Power Up game and practice sight words with Bo and Galexis.

Tutorial  |  Tutorial 2Practice  |  Assessment

Third Grade


Play a cell phone game while learning new sight words with Michiko and Hiromi.

Tutorial  |  Tutorial 2Practice  |  Assessment



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