Sample Vocabulary Lessons

Smart Tutor’s Vocabulary Lessons are designed to help students learn common vocabulary words in English, associate spoken words with a variety of visual representations, develop listening skills, associate pictures with text labels, develop visual discrimination skills and to actively construct meaning while reading both fiction and non-fiction passages. These lessons are especially appropriate for students with special needs ( ESE / Special Ed ), students learning English as a second language ( ELL / ESL / ESOL ), and struggling learners ( Title I / Transition students ).

Activities include:

  • context sentences
  • multiple-meaning words and sentences
  • crossword puzzles
  • match words with a graphic
  • match a word to a synonym or antonym
  • interactive dictionaries
  • puzzles
  • story-centered fill-in-the-blanks

Vocabulary Sample Lessons



Learn about colors with Penny Paintbrush.

Tutorial  |  Practice  |  Assessment

First Grade


Solve riddles with Dan and Lee and learn about multiple meaning words.

Tutorial   |  Assessment

Second Grade


Play a matching game with Nova and Simon and learn about homophones.

Tutorial   |  Assessment

Third Grade


Play the Balloon game and make new words by adding prefixes and suffixes to root words.

Tutorial  |  Tutorial 2

Fourth Grade


Help Freddie the Frog cross the river by clicking on antonyms and synonyms.

Tutorial  |  Tutorial 2   |  Assessment

Fifth Grade


Play a word game and learn about synonyms and antonyms.

Tutorial  |  Tutorial 2Practice  |  Assessment


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