New Math & Reading Software for Special Education Students

Learning Today, Inc., a Florida-based math and reading software publisher (, announces MangoMon (, a high interest / low level math and reading software program for special education students that range in age from teens to young adults.

New Math & Reading Software for Special Education Students

The program is designed to determine each student’s ability levels then automatically provide them with individualized instruction that meets their needs. MangoMon is aligned with national and state standards, and the math curriculum is aligned to Florida’s Access Points. The reading curriculum will also be aligned to the Florida Access Points once the education standards have been revised by the state.

Teachers of older students with learning gaps and special needs often struggle to find materials that are “high interest” enough to keep their students’ attention. MangoMon’s interactive lessons, game-like activities, and diverse characters keep students engaged and motivated.

“Our award-winning program is now available to a student population that has historically lacked individualized, differentiated instruction that meets their special education needs,” stated Sukanti Iyne-Husain, VP of Educational Technology of Learning Today. “MangoMon’s online, high Interest/low level materials will enable teens and young adults to utilize a math and reading intervention solution at school, work and home.”

MangoMon is also designed to encourage parental involvement. Parents can log in any time and determine how their child is doing by reviewing their scores and the lessons they have completed. This information aids parents in determining if their child is receiving adequate instruction and the amount of progress being made.

MangoMon is currently being piloted in Miami-Dade County Public Schools through the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department. Initial feedback from teachers and parents has been very positive. A teacher at a high school in Miami, Florida commented, “My students are so engaged in the program that they don’t want to stop using it!”

Teachers can sign up for a free trial at: