Reading Curriculum

Learning Today & SmartTutor’s reading curriculum comprises over 1500 tutorials and activities and covers ”Reading First’s Big 5” and more including:

Phonemic Awareness – Learn to identify, think about, and work with individual sounds in spoken words.

Phonics – Learn systematic and predictable relationships between written letters and spoken sounds.

High Frequency Words – Learn to recognize common sight words to increase reading fluency.

Vocabulary Development – Learn to expand their vocabulary to communicate more effectively.

Reading Comprehension – Learn to actively construct meaning when reading both fiction and non-fiction passages.

Reading Assessment

Learning Today & SmartTutor’s reading placement assessment is designed to evaluate students’ level of mastery in key reading skills in order to determine whether they are at, above or below grade level. The web-based assessment is computer-adaptive and covers phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words / high frequency words, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Students may take the assessment in one or several sessions and most students complete the assessment within 20-30 minutes. Rich graphics, audio support and ‘interactive breaks’ help ensure that students are focused and engaged throughout the process.

Reading Assessment

“It’s simple. if the teachers like it and use it, then it’s a good product and the students will get the supplemental help they need. Our teachers are enthralled with the Learning Today products and the people that support it. They have become an extension of us and are welcomed as if they are part of our staff.” – Principal, Title I / ESOL School , Administrator for 26 years, Meeting Each Student’s Individual Academic Needs

Based on each student’s assessment results, an individualized education program is AUTOMATICALLY created placing each student at their appropriate level of instruction. For example, if a student is at grade level in phonics but struggles with reading comprehension, the program will start them off at a higher level in phonics and a lower level in reading comprehension.

Computer Adaptive Assessment

Learning Today & SmartTutor’s reading assessment uses an adaptive algorithm, allowing the program to efficiently determine in a short period of time (30 – 40 minutes), which lessons will be automatically assigned to each student.

Questions Get Harder or Easier Depending On the Student’s Answers

Here’s how it works: When a student first logs on, they are presented with a question that corresponds to their grade level. If the student answers correctly, the next question they receive may have a harder ‘difficulty value.’ But if they answer incorrectly, their next question may have a lower ‘difficulty value,’ thus allowing each student to be placed at the appropriate level within each subskill.

Quick Interactive Breaks Help Students Stay Focused

Our reading assessment is designed to keep students motivated and focused through the use of a colorful, game-like interface. Quick interactive breaks and mini-games are interspersed throughout the assessment in order to keep students engaged through to the end of the assessment, ensuring an accurate evaluation.

Web-based, Convenient and Easy to Implement!

Our reading assessment is web-based, so there is nothing to download or install. All that is needed is access to the internet and headphones. The assessment can be taken in either a classroom or computer lab setting, and students may complete the assessment in one or several sittings. Should a student need to stop, their spot is bookmarked, allowing them to begin at the same position they left off.

On-Demand, Comprehensive Reporting

Our assessment reports are available 24/7 to parents, guardians, tutors and/or teachers. These reports can be used to see where students were placed within each sub-skills and to determine areas where students struggle and need extra help.


Reading Instruction

Our online reading software is research-based and designed to accelerate learning, increase student motivation and improve student test scores by building a strong foundation in fundamental reading skills including phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words / high frequency words, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Reading Curriculum

“We made AYP … All of our lowest performing kids (lowest 25%) and (ESE kids) were on Learning Today EVERYDAY! The proof is in the results!!” ~ Chris W. Carney, Principal, Bennett Elementary School

Benefits of Our Program:

  • Automatically provides differentiated instruction to accommodate flexible learning styles so students learn based on their individual profiles
  • Includes a comprehensive reading curriculum that is based not only on national instructional guidelines like those laid out by the national reading panel, but also on best practices employed by teachers and reading specialists from various states
  • Evaluates and tracks class and individual student progress toward meeting standards
  • Meets the unique needs of both English-speaking and ESOL students
  • Promotes family involvement with online access to parent reports and homework assignments
  • Perfect for use with interactive whiteboards.
  • Meets national and state standards in reading instruction

Sample K- 5 Reading Lessons

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Free K-5 Reading Lessons

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Learning Today &  Smart Tutor have received several industry-distinguished awards for the Reading Curriculum including the BESSIE’s and EDDIE’s awards. For more information, please visit our Awards page.

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