Smart Tutor for Home Education

Learning Today Announces

Learning Today, Inc., a Florida-based educational software publisher, announced today that its Smart Tutor TM Reading and Math program is now available direct to families for academic remediation, maintenance, or advanced placement. The award-winning (BESSIE, 2008) Smart Tutor program has only been available to students licensed by schools, school districts, or extended-day learning centers via until today’s release of the new consumer site,

Smart Tutor for Home Education is designed to help children maintain or improve their academic abilities and outcomes while giving parents an affordable alternative to today’s tutoring options. Research shows that traditional tutoring services, including centers and private tutors, cost American families billions of dollars annually. is a web-based, K-5 th grade, reading and math tutoring system designed for home or home school use. In order to ensure that the program meets NCLB criteria, the assessment and curriculum are scientifically research-based and aligned with state and national standards. Since 2002, the program has been used by hundreds of thousands of students and has received independent third-party reviews from educational boards, including (Florida Center for Reading Research) and (Southern Regional Education Board).

“Devastating federal and state education budget cuts have left many schools and school districts unable to afford important supplemental materials for years to come,” stated Robin Baker, the company’s co-founder. “By releasing to families, parents now have an affordable way to supplement their children’s education at home without incurring exorbitant tutoring expenses.”

Free reading and math assessments are a unique feature of The company’s Atlas Assessment uses state-of-the-art technology to efficiently analyze students’ academic ability levels. These assessments automatically develop each student’s individualized learning program so they can work at their own pace. The 14-day free trial includes the assessment results which parents may print and keep for their records. The company is also offering group discounts for large organizations or corporations. Some companies are offering as part of their soft benefits plans in order to improve recruitment, retention, and the work/family balance.