Free Math Applets

We designed these applets for NCTM’s Illuminations website to help improve the teaching and learning of mathematics. They work great on your interactive whiteboard for whole class instruction. Give them a try!

Free Math Applets


Tessellation-CreatorTesselation Creator

Explore repeated patterns using polygons.


Investigate relationships among the weights of various objects and explore the concept of equivalence.

Analyze, classify and explore the relationships between the attributes and properties of 2D geometric shapes.


Fractal ToolFractal Tool

Explore geometric patterns that grow and change using an iterative process.

Ten FrameTen Frame

Have fun while developing basic number facts, including counting and addition skills.

concentration GameConcentration Game

Practice numbers, geometric shapes, multiplication facts, fractions, decimals and percents.


Angle SumsAngle Sums

Learn about the relationship between the number of sides and the sum of the interior angles of polygons.

Congurence TheorumCongurence Theorum

For high school: Explore conditions that result in congruent triangles.

estimating distance and angleTurtle Pond 

Guide a turtle to a pond using turn-by-turn commands while estimating distance and angle.