Math Games

Our research-based math games and activities are designed to help build math skills in a fun and engaging way. Included are number and operations, measurement and geometry. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Free Math Games for K to 5

Pictorial-Symbols-PatternsNEW! Complete the patterns and learn about pictorial symbols and patterns.

NEW! Play a pan balance game and explore equations and inequalities.

NEW! Find the rule and explore patterns, relationships and functions.


tire jump gameAdd and subtract numbers to help Carlos jump to the other side of the field.
time gameSpend a day with Jamar and learn about time.
locations on a gridFollow multi-step directions and explore locations on a grid.


sleebozPlay Sleeboz Stampede and earn points by clicking on the multiples of a number.
shape trails Play a game on the grid board and explore transformations.
plotting gameUncover the lost temple by plotting ordered pairs on the coordinate grid.


pet store gameHelp Natalia make purchases at the pet store and learn about money.
coloring gamePlay a coloring game and learn about 2D shapes.
space rocketsHelp Oomie collect rock specimens by finding the pairs of factors.