Parent Testimonials

“My other child was really struggling with doing the hooked on phonics program (very resistant). Smart Tutor has really helped. He has completed nearly 4 hours of lessons already and I have printed out the assessment along with the reports. I plan to share this info with his teachers. Thank you, this is a great program!” ~ Judy R.

“I am very pleased with Laura’s progress. She has continued with the reading materials and she loves it. Every time she finishes a section, she rushes to me and lets me know her score.” ~ Mom from Miami

“Our twins love Smart Tutor and I have been working with them on some of the concepts in the lesson. I am excited that I will be able to go back and assign lessons where the concept was not understood. I just finished printing reports so that I could go back and assign lessons. Erica and Cody are going to be excited to do this.” ~ Taffy W.

Schools Testimonials

“Our students love to use the program. :)” ~ESOL Chairperson, Elementary School, Miami-Dade County Public Schools


Learning Today has teachers eager and excited to be able to incorporate technology in their daily class activities. They feel this is an excellent tool that will assist LEP (Limited English Proficient) students in acquiring the English language as well as provide them with opportunities to become familiar with computers. ” ~Miami-Dade County District Supervisor

“Learning Today is a very comprehensive learning program that enables a student to develop skills related to art, language arts, math, music, physical health, reading, science, and social studies. A teacher can select the specific skills the students will do at their instructional level or independent level. I like the fact that the program is user friendly and attractive to the children. This program engages my students in the learning process and makes them active learners. All of my students enjoy using Learning Today.”  ~ Miami-Dade County Elementary School, 1 st Grade Teacher (teaching for 30 years )

“The Learning Today program is exciting, flexible and comprehensive. The management system is straightforward and useful. I am able to create for my class, a small group, or an individual student, a set of activities on any grade level or in any subject area. It is a perfect tool to use with ESOL students as they can tap into the program and learn English on any level. All objectives are correlated to our benchmarks. It is “teacher-friendly” and very easy to navigate for the students as well. We find it absolutely the best!” ~Miami-Dade County Elementary School
3rd Grade Teacher (teaching for 29 years)

“I like the program very much. I think it targets the areas that we work on daily and the students learn more by working independently. ~ Miami-Dade County Elementary School, 5 th Grade ESE Teacher

“It’s simple. if the teachers like it and use it, then it’s a good product and the students will get the supplemental help they need. Our teachers are enthralled with the Learning Today products and the people that support it. They have become an extension of us and are welcomed as if they are part of our staff.” ~ Miami-Dade County Elementary School, Principal, Title I / ESOL School , Administrator for 26 years

Resellers Testimonials

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“We’ve been proud to market Learning Today’s software to parents across North America.  It remains the best educational content of its kind and a great tool for many busy families.” ~ Roy Zanatta, K5 Learning CEO


“We have been using Smart Tutor with our students for 3 years now and have seen amazing results.  Students, parents, and teachers love it and its adaptability to student’s individual needs.” ~ Marcel Monnar, One On One Learning President



Tutors Testimonials