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SKILLED WORKFORCE “Why it is Vital to Train & Develop your Staff”

Often times, employers think that Learning Management Systems (LMS) are too arduous and take time away from productivity.  It’s true, most Learning Management Systems are arduous and do take away from some “work time.”  Time dedicated to training rather than on working can seem like an expensive proposition for employers of all sizes.  However, not training your employees should never be an option.   So how do you overcome the “downtime” of training for the benefits of it?   Here’s how:

Improved/Increased Performance

A well-trained employee will be more productive.  People generally want to do well and want to be perceived as doing a good job, so when they feel confident in their skill set, their overall performance will improve, which benefits the company in many ways.  Some of these benefits include developing leaders, creating a positive work environment (improving morale), producing quality products and services, and ultimately minimizing turnover.   All of which are exactly what companies desire to achieve.  graspU is the People’s Learning Management System (LMS)!

Cooperative Strength

When employees can work together on projects without dragging each other down due to lack of skills, team-building takes place and milestones get met faster.   If an untrained employee constantly needs help from peers and supervisors, then productivity goes down across the board.   If a company takes time to train new or promoted employees on the skill sets they need to perform with competence via Learning Management Systems, then the entire team excels. Instead of focusing on problems, individuals and teams alike can become creative and build new ideas and strategies for success.  Addressing employees’ weaknesses early on, shows new or promoted staff that you want them to be successful and existing staff that you respect their time and want to build a happy, productive team.

Company and Product Reputation

By training your employees properly, you are also showing your customers that you care about their experience.   Therefore, training can also be considered “brand building.”   If you care about your brand, then the quality you produce is extremely important.   Untrained staff that are allowed to produce products or services without proper training, will bring about a decrease customer satisfaction.  The restaurant industry is a prime example of this situation.   Often, restaurants are desperate for “Servers” so they will hire anyone claiming experience.   However, if a server is not trained on the ways that the employer expects them to greet and treat their customers, online reviews will undoubtedly decline.   Trained employees typically represent the employer’s mission and quality standards, and ultimately improve your brand.

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