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SKILLED WORKFORCE – Millennials in the Workforce

The workforce is changing and according to SmartCEO: as of 2015, Millennials are the most populous generation in the workforce at 53.5%. These workers are well equipped to do the job they’re hired for, but every role requires a specific skill-set including knowledge of procedures and/or regulations (federal, state, industry, and otherwise). Fortunately, many of these skills can be taught in the workplace via cloud-based Learning Management Systems (LMS), outside of conventional, in-classroom educational formats. Forbes says millennials are “great young minds that need to be taught how to be their best selves…managers have a duty to do that like every generation has done this before.”   So how do you train these hungry young individuals that account for more than ½ of the workforce?  One method is to incorporate a LMS that meets Millennials’ UX (user interface) standards.  Let’s face it, Millennials grew up with technology in their lap, and therefore, have strong likes and dislikes for the design and usage requirements of the applications they use.   GraspU was built with a millennial interface in mind and is optimized to use across many industries, including the ever-complicated maritime industry through a sophisticated offline feature.   No matter the complexity of the training, it is easy to teach to a hungry mind when you have the right tools. So, what LMS are you using to help train your Millennial workforce?

Photo by:Ed Yourdon

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