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Avoiding Change?

Change is a funny thing. It can be something we look forward to or something we dread.

When it comes to Learning Management Systems (LMS), many companies have had horrible experiences in adoption and implementation. Actually, when we talk with companies about their experiences with LMS’, often times the silence is deafening. They pause. They remember. They wish they could report a better experience, but they just can’t. Why?

The reason many companies have had bad experiences with LMS’ is because they had to go through an exceptionally arduous process to get their training materials to their employees, clients or students. You see, LMS’ (even those that were released recently) are notoriously arduous in the set up and implementation processes. Companies need to find and catalog their training materials, upload their content to the LMS’ servers, convert their content to meet the LMS’ requirements, and on and on and on. This length of time it takes to complete this process is hard to fathom for companies because they just “want to get it done.” Companies desire a software-based learning platform so they can forgo expensive on-site or off-site group training that is often laden with accountability, insurance and affirmative defense holes, so they can become over-anxious in their purchasing decision for an LMS. The attitude of “let’s just get something going” can overtake rational thinking such as “what is it going to take to get something going.” File conversions, uploading, post-publishing editing… all of these issues on traditional LMS’ are extremely time consuming and should be itemized in determining which LMS is the best for your company.

Most often, companies only ask questions as follows:
1. Is it cloud-based?
2. Is it multi-platform? (Web for computers, iOS, and Android)
3. How much does it cost?
4. A lot of companies use your product, so it must be good, right?

Those questions must be asked, and answered, but what many companies are forgetting to ask is:

1. How much time does it take to set up and implement our account?
2. How much training is required on the part of our administrative team?
3. Do we have to convert our training materials to the LMS’ requirements?
4. What does the post-publication editing process look like?
5. Where (exactly) are my training materials stored and what type of security protects my data?
6. Does the LMS conduct any data analytics on my training materials, usage, etc.?
7. What makes you special and different and how are you going to simplify my employee, client or student training and learning process?

If you are looking for an exceptionally user-friendly LMS for both administrators and users of the system, want full control pre and post publication of training materials, need extremely simplified editing capabilities due to changes to the training (law changes, typos, routine updates, etc.) and want to ensure that proprietary company secrets embedded in your materials are NOT analyzed or compromised, then “designer label shopping” will get you into a world of regret. If you have suffered through an LMS adoption, wishing that you could change your LMS, or dreading the fact that you need to adopt an LMS, stop worrying. graspU has changed the playing field by erasing all of the issues you regret or are avoiding when it comes to LMS’. graspU is a disruptive technology as has been deemed, “The People’s LMS” because it utilized the most highly advanced technology to create the easiest user interface ever built, simplifying the process and ultimately making change a good thing. Remember, change can be good.

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