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graspU supports the Stop Sexual Harassment Act (NY State & NY City) The Harvey Weinstein scandal sparked the #MeToo movement and with that, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the state budget on April 12th 2018, which mandates NY State employers provide employees with annual sexual harassment training beginning in October 2018. Interactive Training Definition California

We live in a world where a workforce is key to the smooth operation and profitability of every industry. Most of us also realize that the importance of a well-trained staff is immeasurable, hence a suitable Learning Management System (LMS) is immeasurable.  Training and retraining staff is extremely important in order to minimize

Small and large companies alike need to train their clients to use their products properly.  This applies to all “technical” products, but that does not mean “software” only.    Technical products do include software, but also include machines, tools, processes and materials that are needed to perform independent or interrelated tasks.   Software Companies Everyone immediately thinks

Often times, employers think that Learning Management Systems (LMS) are too arduous and take time away from productivity.  It's true, most Learning Management Systems are arduous and do take away from some "work time."  Time dedicated to training rather than on working can seem like an expensive proposition for employers of all sizes.