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Learning Management

Learning Management System (LMS),
the way it should be.

Laptops, Desktops, Macs or PCs... it's all the same to us. graspU is cloud-based and can be used on any computer on any major browser (Google Chrome, Safari, FireFox).

Use our Netflix-like model and take your training to go! Use it offline on airplanes, boats, ``cellular black holes,`` or just off the grid. Training and learning where you are on whatever device you prefer.

iOS (iphone & ipad); Android (phone & tablets). Use whatever mobile device you already own and take your training to go!

Got or need content? You can buy, sell, trade, or share it on graspU's Marketplace. Businesses & Schools: You can now go to ONE place to get ALL of your content needs. You can also sell or share your content in our Marketplace too! Content Providers: Now's your chance to expand your reach. graspU will happily distribute your content, if it's really good!

If you like to create your own training materials, we will accept them ``as is!`` No need for lengthy conversions to HTML5 or other formats. SCORM or non-SCORM, in any file format. We keep it simple for you, saving you hundreds of man-hours/year.

``Microlearning`` means that the courses are shorter which studies show most people prefer due to time limitations and because microlearning typically leads to improved retention. However, you may need longer courses to satisfy your job or industry requirements. You can make your courses as big or as small as you want. graspU and our content providers provide it both ways too.