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Stop Sexual Harassment


graspU’s “Stop Sexual Harassment” Training

provided by:Carol Flynn, SPHR, Executive Coach and Sexual Harassment Expert Witness

Sexual harassment is serious and every day another related headline dominates the media. New York State and New York City have joined the #metoo movement by requiring sexual harassment training via the Stop Sexual Harassment Act. Employers are obligated to protect their employees from unwanted sexual harassment. So, what are your options?

Deploying sexual harassment training to hundreds or thousands of employees is a daunting task. The best option is to provide an interactive training along with a written, formalized anti-harassment policy and procedures on “How to file a Sexual Harassment Complaint,” all of which can be established on a leading LMS (learning management system).  A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses or training programs and delivers sexual harassment content in an interactive, friendly way via computers and mobile devices (Apple and Android).


graspU’s Learning Management System (LMS) enables employers to post their sexual harassment training, prevention policies and forms on the LMS in order to contain all of the documentation and training in one simplified platform. Using graspU, employers can track their employees’ training attendance and performance.  This type of evidence can be very helpful in the event an employer finds itself defending against allegations of sexual harassment.  In addition, our timestamping feature automatically calculates time spent on training for payroll purposes.   By utilizing Carol Flynn’s Stop Sexual Harassment Training via the graspU platform, you will meet all Federal, State and EEOC compliance related to this issue.



“Implicit/Unconscious Bias is an assumption that we make – it is not based on reasoning it is just a feeling we have.   It is a prejudice that we have that we may not even realize – this can stem from as early in our lives as childhood and continue to develop through outside influences. It’s called unconscious because it isn’t something we do blatantly; rather, it is an involuntary process based on our deep-seated thoughts,” states Carol Flynn, SPHR, Executive Coach and Sexual Harassment Expert Witness. graspU offers Carol Flynn’s expert content and trains your staff, partners, contractors, etc. as to what Implicit/Unconscious bias means and how to manage and prevent it.



These behaviors maintain feedback loops that keep underprivileged groups marginalized. Carol Flynn’s sexual harassment training teaches that active awareness and encouragement is necessary to counteract systemic discrimination.



Carol Flynn’s sexual harassment training program helps each other recognize his or her own biases.



Our sexual harassment training course teaches the power of logic, how to be open to different points of view, and that biases are similar to habits, and like any bad habit, they can be changed with a series of deliberate steps.



Sexual harassment doesn’t always involve supervisors and co-workers; sometimes it involves an individual outside of an employee’s organization.  Learn “Specific Sexual Harassment Behaviors” and how you can prevent your internal staff and external colleagues from acting in an inappropriate manner.