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Training as you imagined.

“Training is fun,” said the Training Manger. But, c’mon, we all know the truth… training is what it is… it’s rarely fun and very expensive to provide but it’s extremely important to the health of every business or organization. And, better yet, it’s extremely important for your employees’ work-life happiness! It’s simple really. If employees aren’t trained, they won’t be happy in their work-life. If they aren’t happy in their work-life, they will quit and find another job that makes them happy in their work-life. Employers lose employees all the time because of lack of training, thereby increasing their turnover which costs them 16-213% of the lost employee’s salary (Reflektive,2019). They could feel stagnated, bored, alienated, etc. and for those reasons alone, they could leave your employment. Here are six reasons you should train your employees (Reflective, 2018):

1. Untrained Employees are Unhappy Employees
2. Untrained Workers Have a Low Production Value
3. Untrained Workers Are Inefficient
4. Lost Time/Money Due to Mistakes
5. An Increase in Miscellaneous Expenses
6. Insufficient Staff Training Means Lost Customers

Don’t wait. If you value your business, start training your employees properly. You can create your own courses or buy them prepackaged. The important thing is to find a LMS that enables your employees to learn in their own way… on computers, on mobile devices, at 8am or 12am, wherever they are, with or without Internet connectivity.

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